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Meet The Sisters

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Sisters Therapy Charlene Bell

Charlene J. Bell

"First, it's a mindset. You won't accomplish anything until you change the way you think..."

Sisters Therapy Candace Bell Hayes

Candace J. Bell-Hayes

"Earning a degree, working 12-hour shifts, and having time to cook dinner for the family... that's a real superhero!" 

Sisters Therapy | Carla Bell

Carla J. Bell

"I've been there, so let's keep it real! No time to live in la-la land..."

Sisters Therapy Cauretta Bell

Cauretta J. Bell

"Enough talking about it... Let's set some real goals. It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change!" 

Sisters Therapy | Catherine Bell

Catherine J. Bell-Rochez

"Start your day by speaking positive words into your life..." 

Sisters Therapy Christina Bell

Christina J. Bell

"Fashion is not just a look. It's more than just hair makeup and the clothes you wear... " 

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